Friday, June 20, 2014

The things he says

It is so hard to keep up with the things Beckett is saying.  He seems to learn new words by the moment.  Here is the run-down:

First word:

Next words:
Haa (his hands would go up onto his head for hat)
Buu (for book)

Current vocabulary:
Baba (which he says a zillion times when he sees the iPad, since that's where we FaceTime)

Animal sounds:
Moo (he said this one first and was the only one for the longest time)
Meuuuu (cat)
Ba (sheep)
Ah ah ah (monkey)
Nay nay (horse)

That's what I can remember at the moment.  And I so wanted to get these written down before I forgot!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Beckett

There are so many blog posts that I've wanted to write recently.  But I couldn't allow myself to post anything before posting our Baby Beckett's first birthday post.  So, here we are four months later...

We first celebrated B's first birthday in Richmond with his cousins, aunt Krista and uncle Greg, Mema & Baba.  He LOVED his first cupcake.


In case you can't see her, Gwenny is just behind B's hat!

On January 21st, we woke up to a fully decorated house!  Streamers everywhere, a table full of first birthday paraphernalia and sprinkle-filled birthday pancakes for breakfast!

I remember feeling so much gratitude that morning, remembering the fear we felt wondering if he were coming early.  And here we were, a perfectly healthy baby boy celebrating his 1st birthday!

Later in the day, we enjoyed a quiet birthday party at home.  Beckett enjoyed a giant piece of chocolate cake and we sang Happy Birthday (about 20 times, at Henry's beckoning).  And my apologies for not posting any other pics or video. Technical difficulty aside, I wanted to post about my precious baby's birthday.