Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Henry completes his 4th trip around the sun!

Henry's 4th birthday landed on a Sunday.  We started the day with some balloons, a few gifts (including a Spiderman bike with training wheels - no photo evidence, yet) and some birthday cupcakes at church. 

 After nap time, 5 of Henry's buddies came over to celebrate with him.  The kids made their own pizzas, Audrey having masterminded the whole project.  After some free play (this was the part that Andrew "organized") the kids chowed down on pizza, a "cupcake cake" that was supposed to resemble a football (nice try, Sam's Club bakery) and juice. 

His guests were Brendan, Wyatt, Zoe, Keira, and Simon. 

Monday, his Mema and Baba came to surprise him with an afternoon playing hooky from school.  Lunch, Bounce 'n' Play, and supper.

Here's how Beckett felt about the whole deal.

 Henry and his Mommy after completing a project with Henry's new Legos.  Zoom in to see that Henry wrote the word "Police" all by himself!

And one extra pic of our precious, wonderful 4-year-old boy.