Friday, August 16, 2013

Big Boy Bed

On Friday of last week, on a whim, Henry and I were talking about his crib and I blurted out, "Do you want to help daddy take down your crib?"  To which he replied: "Yeah!"

Do not even ask me why I picked RIGHT NOW to bring this up.  Not only can I help do any normal things, I can't do a thing to help with any extra stuff---like transitioning H to his big boy bed.

But the window was open.  So we went with it.

On Sunday, Henry helped Andrew take down his crib.

It took a couple of nights with Andrew having to go to sleep with him.  We wondered if this would have to be the pattern for a while.  Until Wednesday night.  

We tucked him in.  He went right to sleep.  And we didn't hear from him until the next morning.

What a big boy!

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  1. “Henry, I’m so proud to see you enjoying your new big-boy bed! You are truly becoming a big boy! You’re growing up, growing out of some things and into other things! I loved playing baseball with you when I was there last month. You really hit the ball well! Totally awesome, dude! Take care of your brother when he starts at the same care-center-school. Let him know you’re nearby. Remember when YOU started there? Now you feel at home there! I love you very much. Go Hoos! Go Orioles! Go Henry! Keep helping your mom and dad! Love, Grampa Breen XXXXOOOO”