Monday, June 3, 2013

Baltimore Part 1

Andrew has more pics.  But here are a few from this past weekend's adventures in Baltimore.

This is a random shot, I know.  But I want to remember this blessing.  As Andrew said, on our way up we drove into the teeth of Friday afternoon traffic from DC to Baltimore.  When I needed to feed B, we took a random exit off of the beltway, took a random side road and found THIS parking lot.  No cars, shady, a perfect place to relax and for Henry to run around.

The boys did amazing in the hotel.  Henry logged a lot of time on the iPad.  But, hey, it's vacation!

Enjoying the harbor and its tall ships!

Beckett ready to go to his first O's game.

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  1. Fun! MLB and a roadtrip. Nursing in a parking lot. These are the days!