Monday, November 26, 2012

Hooray for Regular Checkups!

Andrew & I just spent about 10 minutes with one of the OBs at our practice for a check up.  I'm not sure what we expected.  But a "regular" check up wasn't it.

Once the doctor left, we looked at each other and thought, "Well.  I guess that's good!"


Basically, the doctor said everything looks great.  We are staying in the wait-and-see mode.  So, another week or so on bedrest is the order (which we knew already).

Baring no surprises, we'll head back to the doctor next Tuesday and discuss the next steps.

In the meantime, we're celebrating reaching the 31 week mark!

I will ask for your continued prayers.  Both for me & this sweet baby, but also for Henry.  It really is amazing how much these last couple of weeks are still very much with him.

This morning, he called out to me and said, "Mommy.  Don't go ANYWHERE.  Ok?  Don't go ANYWHERE."

It absolutely broke my heart.

I hate not really being able to promise him I'll be here when he gets home from school.  I sure do hope so!  And I'm sure I will.  But we just never know from day to day, moment to moment, which makes things kind of tough.

Here are a couple of super cute pics.  Here's Henry enjoying his first cup of homemade hot cocoa.  Yummy!

And here he is (before his latest hair cut) all bundled up for a walk in the woods.

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