Thursday, November 29, 2012


At bedtime last night.

Andrew:  "Henry, who should we pray for tonight?"

Henry: "Um, the 3 wisemen, the 3 kings, and the 3 basketball guys."

There you have it.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hooray for Regular Checkups!

Andrew & I just spent about 10 minutes with one of the OBs at our practice for a check up.  I'm not sure what we expected.  But a "regular" check up wasn't it.

Once the doctor left, we looked at each other and thought, "Well.  I guess that's good!"


Basically, the doctor said everything looks great.  We are staying in the wait-and-see mode.  So, another week or so on bedrest is the order (which we knew already).

Baring no surprises, we'll head back to the doctor next Tuesday and discuss the next steps.

In the meantime, we're celebrating reaching the 31 week mark!

I will ask for your continued prayers.  Both for me & this sweet baby, but also for Henry.  It really is amazing how much these last couple of weeks are still very much with him.

This morning, he called out to me and said, "Mommy.  Don't go ANYWHERE.  Ok?  Don't go ANYWHERE."

It absolutely broke my heart.

I hate not really being able to promise him I'll be here when he gets home from school.  I sure do hope so!  And I'm sure I will.  But we just never know from day to day, moment to moment, which makes things kind of tough.

Here are a couple of super cute pics.  Here's Henry enjoying his first cup of homemade hot cocoa.  Yummy!

And here he is (before his latest hair cut) all bundled up for a walk in the woods.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Before the weekend gets away from us, I had to document a few Henry-isms that I think are particularly hilarious (and, yes, I understand I'm completely biased).

1.  Henry is now taking a book, opening it up and "reading" to us.  My favorite part?  How he starts:  "One Uponce a Time..."

2.  On Wednesday, Henry was snuggled up next to me and we were talking about his baby brother.  He likes to rub my tummy and give kisses.  This time he looked at me, cocked his head and said, "My brother...he's a nice guy."  Oh good heavens.

3. During the Thanksgiving festivities, we were trying to get a picture of Henry and Charlie together (Greg took the pics.  Once I get them, I'll post them.)  We couldn't get them to stand close enough together.  So Andrew said, "Henry, put your arm around Charlie like we're singing the Good Ol' Song."  Henry knew exactly what that meant and immediately put his arm around Charlie's shoulder.  What we couldn't figure out next is why, with his other hand, Henry was holding his ear.  Then it dawned on Andrew: the video that Henry watches ALL THE TIME of the (old) B'hoos singing the Good Ol' Song shows one of the guys holding his ear so he can hear what he's singing.  Henry just thought that was part of the song!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were surrounded by family, friends and yummy food.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prayers, Food & My PJ's Drawer

I'm re-learning a huge lesson throughout all of this.

There are milestones in my life where I have been taught what friendship really is.  To experience this once in a lifetime is a true miracle.  I'm amazed to say that I am recalling having experienced my friends rally around me in an amazing way twice before: back surgery and the birth of our sweet Henry.

On Saturday, we had friends show up in the most special of ways.  At All Souls, there is a precious group of praying women.  Now, I have a lot of praying friends.  And I am eternally grateful for each prayer that has been uttered on our behalf.  I am amazed to say that we have heard from communities of believers all over the place praying for us.  Amazing.

But these women, these are the show-up-get-in-your-space kind of pray-ers.  They are the hold-your-hand, cry-with-you, anoint-your-head kind of pray-ers.  Andrew, Henry and I were beyond blessed when five of these amazing gals showed up at the hospital to sit with us, pray over us, bless us.  There are few things in this broken world as beautiful as a moment like that.

At All Souls we talk a lot about hospitality and food.  :)  We think those things go together.  Meeting a friend where they are with food is a heavenly act of service.  Once we got home, we had a precious friend create a meal list for us that was filled in moments.  The food is already pouring in and it is, not only a huge help, but a nourishment to our hearts.  We are LOVED.

My boss actually asked if she could create a meal list for me and when I told her that 1) it had been done and 2) was completely filled, she wouldn't take no for an answer and asked for the contact info for the organizer of the list.

PJ's Drawer
Then there are the friends who are willing to do whatever it takes to help out.  When I was in the hospital, I realized that I'm in that awkward, late-pregnancy stage where I've outgrown some maternity clothes but not others.  And when Andrew was trying to figure out what to bring me to the hospital, he didn't know which was which.  And I didn't know what to tell him.  My drawers and closet were a disorganized mess.

So what do real friends do?  They show up, sit me up on the bed, and go through all of my clothes, pulling out what doesn't fit, organizing what does.  Getting out postpartum clothes, just in case.  Even packing another emergency bag if we were to rush off to the hospital again (and yes, that includes refilling my travel toiletries with more shampoo & conditioner).

This life is so messy.  To have friends who come and sit in the mess with us is, well, that's Jesus, isn't it?  They are being Him for us, to us.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hospital Stay #2

Well, here we are again.  Back in the hospital.

First, let me say that if one has to be stuck in a hospital, this is the one to be in.  It's just a year and half old and the views!  Oh my, this morning we watched Charlottesville's famous hot air balloons flying over the mountains.  Gorgeous!

Last Friday, we had our first, and relatively quick, stay at the hospital due to some unexpected bleeding.  That is not something you want to see when you are 2 days shy of being 29 weeks pregnant!

After a series of tests and ultrasounds, all things seemed just fine.  I was totally stable and the baby was just perfect!  After a check up at the doctors on Wed, we decided I should go on modified bed rest (I can get up and round, just need to stay home) to be on the safe side.

Well, we had another episode on Thursday evening and went straight back to the hospital.

You know what's amazing?  Thursday was UVA's first Thursday night game in 6 years.  That means my PARENTS WERE IN TOWN!!  They, of course, have season tickets and had just driven in from Virginia Beach.  That, dear ones, is God's providence--He really does care about the details.  What a beautiful gift it was to call them and have them at our house in a matter of moments so Andrew and I could get to the hospital. 

And I have to give a HUGE shout out to our neighbors the Smyths.  I love that Henry adores them and their sweet boys.  We dropped him off there before my parents could arrive and within minutes of our departure, Kim had sent us a pic of the boys on the floor playing blocks.  I'll tell you, Andrew and I both cried when we saw that pic.  There is nothing scarier for parents than rushing around the house trying to get to the hospital, worrying you're freaking out your toddler.  Kim and the boys were a HUGE comfort.

So, what is going on?

Well, the good news is that it isn't any of the scary things that worry doctors most.  No placenta previa. No major placenta abruption.  No eminent signs of labor--no contractions, baby is moving like crazy, cervix is looking stable.  ALL good news.

The best guess is that there has been a very slight, teeny tiny tear in my placenta.  PLEASE do not Google that.  (I was warned by the docs!)  While that sounds scary and it really can be awful, what is going on here is so tiny that they can't see it at all on the ultrasound. So, we're talking super duper small.  It doesn't pose any eminent threat to me or the baby.  I'm just at a higher risk now of something more significant happening.  As such, we're taking it slow and monitoring the situation diligently.  It looks now like I'll be at the hospital until Sunday late or early Monday.

So we ask that you join us in praying that there are no more episodes of bleeding.  If nothing else happens, I'll likely need to take it easy the rest of the pregnancy at home and will carry this active boy to term.  Sunday, Nov. 18 I'll be 30 weeks.  So we're praying for at least another 4 or 5 weeks but would LOVE another 8 or 9.  That's our prayer!  Thank you for joining with us in asking our precious Savior for these things.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Audrey and I aren't huge into Halloween, and that's probably rubbing off on Henry some. He eventually got into the spirit, though. "One more house!" "More candy!"

I actually took some pictures with the real camera, which I will upload and post later.