Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall in Va. Beach

While Andrew enjoyed a weekend with the boys, Henry and I spent a fantastic weekend in Va. Beach, where my parents spoiled me more than Henry.  I didn't lift a finger and even read an entire novel.  Amazing!

One highlight of the trip was our ride on the new light-rail train that now runs from Va. Beach to downtown Norfolk.  Henry talked about it every day for a week until we got there and was SUPER excited to finally get on the choo choo train.


Henry had this mega smile on his face the entire ride!

After our train ride and a much-needed nap, we enjoyed a visit from and dinner with my grandparents.  When Andrew and I were debriefing our weekends and he asked me, "What was your favorite part of the weekend?"  My answer, without hesitation, was watching Henry play baseball with my Grandaddy.  89 years between them.  Absolutely priceless!


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