Friday, July 6, 2012

Long Time No Blog

Sincere apologies to the two or three of you out there in internetville who have been waiting for more Breen-fambily photos and anecdotes.  There is plenty to come, as soon as our lives slow down juuuuuust a smidge.  Suffice it to say that it's ironic that I'm currently getting my tail kicked by a class called Management and Planning while Audrey is getting hers kicked by the first trimester of pregnancy.  Clearly this was poor "planning" on our part (tongue firmly in cheek) and I ain't "managing" a daggum thing.

This video is for Grandpa, who sent Henry the sweetest gift.  We just couldn't wait for a holiday or special occasion for the unveiling.  Henry's expression is priceless.  Thanks, Grandpa!!


  1. Ugh. Video and sound quality are the pits.

  2. Oh, Henry, I’m so glad you like your own personalized baseball glove! I’m as happy as you are! I hope it catches many, many balls thrown from your parents, your cousins, and your baseball buddies.

    Someday when you are able to come to Texas for a visit, maybe we could visit the place where your first REAL baseball glove was made. I hear it’s an interesting tour.

    I’m so thrilled that you are actually reading already! Wow! What a big and smart boy you are!

    Tell your mom and dad to video a game of catch with your new glove.

    I love you and am sooo proud of you!

    Go ‘Hoos, O’s, and Rangers!

    Oh, and thanks for blogging “the grand opening.”

    Grampa Breen