Sunday, February 12, 2012

Funny Things Henry Says: Part 3

One more post about his funny sayings.

When I walked into Henry's room after he woke up from today's nap, he stood up with great enthusiasm and said, "Happy birthday to YOU!" (Melt my heart!!)

Then, after a period of hysterical giggles, jumping and crashing back into his crib, he pointed to a picture across the room and said, "Look! Firefighters big hat! BIG dump truck!"

Huh? Firefighters. I wonder if the angels have vocabulary lessons during his dreams.

Seriously. I don't even call them firefighters.

He LOVES to count. He counts everything. He especially likes to count to the number 11. He's a pro from 1-11. After that, the numbers get a little...creative.

He sings his ABCs constantly. Other than "double x" instead of W X , he's getting pretty close to having them right.

And he's getting pretty close on his colors. He knows them all and loves to declare what colors are, he hasn't always picked the right one.

He's kind of freakishly good at shapes.

Finally, he pays amazing attention to books that we read and he can now complete the sentences in many of them.

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