Sunday, February 12, 2012

Funny Things Henry Says: Part 2

This is way, way, way overdue! Henry basically says everything. He tells us about his day, what things they ate and what they did (including if he got in trouble by pushing someone). He even tells us how he feels and knows if he's happy it means that he is NOT sad.

Just yesterday morning, I walked into his room and he said, "Dada!" I said, "Well, dada's still sleeping." After thinking about it, Henry said in a very assuring voice, "Um, dada coming." As if to say, don't worry mama, he'll be here soon!

Here are some of our favorite things he says.

When he wants us to follow him, he grabs our finger and says, "Mon on, dada!" for "Come on, dada!"

He now uses the word, "um". "Henry, how was your day?" "Ummm…good."

He knows that "and" is some sort of conjunction, using it a tad incorrectly. "Momma and cereal and milk and up der (pouting to the counter)."

For those who may not know, we have major construction happening in the back yard. They're putting in a new sewer line. This means, H is a very spoiled boy. We hear multiple times a day, "I see TRACTORS!!!!"

When I ask him what he's thankful for during prayer times, he almost always includes "Choo choo train!"

He's very picky now about what he wears. His favorites are: big-truck shirt, tractor shirt, race car shirt, Winney Poo shirt, stripes!

He now can climb up into the car seat in the small car all by himself. It is awesome. Anything he does without help or with a tad bit of assistance, he declares, "All by self!"

"Colors, momma, dada!" is his way of asking us to color with him.

"Dadaschlap" or "Mamaschlap." That's when he wants to climb up into our lap when we're coloring.

He has gotten into videos a little bit. So he often asks (but doesn't always get) to "watch choo choo train show!" or "watch car show!"

And, no matter what you do, don't ask him the question, "This one?" Because no matter which one you pick out from the stack (it could be a plate he's pointing to, a video he's pointing to, a shirt he's pointing to) it will not be the right one. Then, the two of you will get into this hysterical (and often, frustrating) game of:
"This one?" "No. This one!" "This one?" "No. This one!"

He loves to play in the basement: "Downsters, momma!" "Downsters, dada!"

"Hi momma!" "Hi dada!"

"Look, dada!" "Look, mama!"

When he wants me to carry him upstairs, he says what he has always heard me say. He'll look up to me and say, "Mama carry you!"

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  1. TOo funny--Sasha did "Carry-you", too. Makes perfect sense when you think about it.