Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Henry!

I'm sorry to say that we have no photos of Henry's actual birthday gathering ON his birthday. Our friends, Mike & Barb and the Stricklands came over to celebrate. Henry was very excited to see his buddy Brendan.

We also continued the celebration the Saturday following his big day with the Dodson clan. Here we all are. What a crew!

Kesiah Rose is always so helpful in keeping all of the little ones out of harm's way.

Sweet Gwenny.

And our dear Addie. She is so grown up!

Henry enjoyed his birthday cake a little less this year than last.

Here are a couple of pics of Henry opening gifts the morning of the big day:

Henry LOVES his teeball set! Because its winter, we mostly play in the garage.

And THE firetruck. The H man just adores this one (courtesy of Grampa!).

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