Monday, December 5, 2011

Brown Eyes

The greatest lullaby I know is also extremely special to me. Brown Eyes is a tradition at Furman and is a precious connection for me to those days, Furman Singers and my dear, dear friends, the Herrings (Mr. Herring's mom was the reason the song became Furman's song).

I have sung that song hundreds of times to Henry. It's my lullaby of choice when I put him to bed.

Tonight, after he was fresh and clean from his bath, Henry climbed up into my lap for his new favorite story (see post below about Aunt Jane's latest gift!).

After we finished the book, he turned around to snuggle up to me. I wrapped the blanket around him. He wiggled a bit, dropped his head onto my chest and declared in as deadpan a voice as I've heard:

"Brown Eyes!"

I was shocked and totally tickled. I tried to start singing but I just burst out laughing. And then he started laughing.

There we were--it was supposed to be bedtime and we were a complete bundle of giggles.

Finally--and I mean fiiiiinnnalllly, we calmed down enough for me to sing. Brown Eyes, of course.

Who knew that all of those times I sang to him he was actually enjoying it?!

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  1. Oh! I have a story to tell you about Holly at nine weeks old, in ICU at CHKD, and a song I used to sing to her every day. I've published my book, "A Mosaic Heart: Reshaping the Shards of a Shattered Life." Go to my website,, for more info. I'm still trying to figure out how to get into blogging. Love ....