Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bathtub conversation from last night

First, I have to tell Dad that Henry loves his "'puter." We customized it so that is calls him by name and read him "emails" from Mama, Dada, and Grandpa. Great gift.

And Aunt Jane, you should know that Henry can't get enough of his pop-up counting book. He wants to read it several times a day. It's a winner. Thank you!

So last night in the tub somehow we got on the topic of motorcycles. Not sure how it came up, but we ran with it.

Henry: mama's motorcycle!
Daddy: Mama has a motorcycle? Does Henry have a motorcycle?
H: yeah!
D: you do? What color is your motorcycle?
H: red!
D: wow. What shape is it?
H: green!
D: cool! Tell me more about it.
H: [quizzical look]
D: is there anything on your motorcycle? Pictures of anything?
H: animals!
D: oh! what kind of animals?
H: horsies. Piggies. Cows.
D: Neat! Henry, why have I never seen your motorcycle? Where is it?
H: at work!

The kid is hilarious.

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