Thursday, November 10, 2011

Funny Things Henry Says: Part I

My dear friend Cat has always been so diligent about documenting funny things her son, Anders, says. She was the first to share with me the amazing joy of language and how much fun it is to watch our little guys start using words. And, she also was the one who said to write things down because they are gone in a blink of an eye, as these precious little creatures learn to correct the funny things they say or just move on to saying new things.

So, here's a brief collection of the things Henry says (or has already grown out of) that I just adore:

Whether he's sitting on a bar stool or on the curb while we're outside playing, Henry will pat the place right beside him and with great enthusiasm say, "Momma! Sit! Down!" Then, with some reminding, he'll add, "Peeeeeeeeese."

For a brief while, Henry would come grab my legs while I was cooking, look up at me with longing eyes and say, "Ohmommyohmommyohmommyohmommy!" as fast as he could. Hysterical.

Every time we pass a bus, he declares "Big Bus!" or, if it is a yellow school bus, "Shoool Bus!"

He loves when he sees a "Shooo Shooo train."

And, I'm pretty sure everyone on the planet knows he loves, "Big Tuck!"

There has been some construction in the woods behind our house and we've had the chance, almost daily, to see big, yellow earth movers at work. Henry is now asking on the way home from work if we can go see the "taktors."

He can now name almost all of the letters in the alphabet and the person who is connected to the letter (either a family member or school mate):
A, Addieeeeee
B, Baba
C, Calvin
D, Dada
E, "Leni" (Eleni)
F, Fish
G, "Wen" (Gwen)
H, "ENRY" (Henry)
J, jelly beans
K, "Kiah" Kesiah
L, Liam
M, Mama
N, Nana
O. Just O. He know that letter but doesn't say anything else.
P, when prompted, he can say "pumpkin". But he doesn't really know this one yet, either.
R, Ruby
S, sssssssnake
T, Taylor
V, "iolin" Henry, who plays the violin? "MAMA!"
Z, Zoey

He doesn't really know I, Q, U, W or X.

We have alphabet stickers lining the wall in our basement just at his eye level. He loves the game, "Henry, where is the B?" He runs over, points out the letter and declares, "B! Baba!" What's amazing, now though, is that he spots them everywhere--on signs, on cereal boxes, on pieces of paper at church, everywhere.

He's also getting really good at naming animals and what they say. All 3 of us get a kick out of asking him what a lion, bear and tiger all say in a row. He loves to roar and likes doing it 3 times in a row.

One last funny thing--he LOVES the Dr. Suess book, Go, Dog! Go! If you aren't familiar with the book, at the end all of the dogs drive their cars toward a tree, they climb the tree and the last page of the book is an illustration of the top of the tree where all of the dogs are having a dog party. He can recite the first few pages, "Dog." "Big dog. Little dog." He loves the red light and green light (although he hasn't quite figured out which is which).

But the best part is that no matter where we are, even if we haven't looked at the book in days, if one of us asks, "Henry, why do all the dogs go up the tree?" He gets SO excited and hollers, "DOG PAH-TEEEE!"

More to come as I can remember.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A fun fambily day

Hard to believe to that Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away. We don't have a lot of "autumn" left to work with, so we decided to enjoy some outside time today. We went to Ragged Mountain Natural Preserve Whatjimajigger.

Here's Henry at his "cheese!"iest.

Our little tree hugger.
Henry and Mama.

...and back home celebrating about something.

Here's a funny little video. We might have a little Baryshnikov on our hands here, but there's a fine line, as you'll see, between "ballet" and "belly."