Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We had a fabulous three-day weekend featuring Wahoo football, Dodson 'Crabfest', and a whole lot of outside time. We hit the pool this morning for the last time this summer. Henry has come a long way where water is concerned:

Here's Henry practicing his ABCs, with a little feline "help."

Congratulations, reader! For getting this far, you have qualified for the special "Applesauce Bonus" video:

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  1. From Grampa BReen:

    Oh, Henry Breen, our hearts are just beating with pride! You are really on a roll. You GO, grandson! Sliding down a slide, tooling down the street one-pedal at a time, enjoying swimming pools, learning to read and recite the alphabet, building an awesome vocabulary. Whoa! What a big, smart boy you are becoming! You’re adjusting so nicely in a new class-room environment, same little friends, new teacher/companion buddies, UVA football season again, so many wonderful cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents! Life is good! We love your cinematographer-parents’ pleasing efforts to update and share your growth, progress, new skills, and hilarities. Right now I’m thinking you may become a lefty like your Grampa Breen.

    Love, hugs, and kisses from us Breens here in hot Texas (“cooling down” into the 90s these days)!