Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquake and Hurricane

What a week!

Tuesday was the first day of classes at U.Va. Grounds was buzzing with students and the streets were full of traffic. Everyone was at their post in our office and Andrew was at his. The energy of the new school year was palpable. I always loved the first day of classes.

After lunch, it was business as usual. I was trying to finish up a few projects for the week and a colleague came by to say hello.

Then it happened. First, I thought someone was jack hammering in the courtyard (they'd been doing that earlier in the week). My brain, while realizing it was an earthquake was also trying to talk myself out of that conclusion...mainly because we live in VIRGINIA!

The rattling...or shaking, really...was so powerful. Things were falling off my desk. I remember the sound of my keys hitting the floor. Before we knew it, folks were running out the door to go outside. Everyone ran into the hall, staring at each other in complete awe. Was that what we thought it was???

Andrew called the daycare immediately. From the way the director answered, he could tell that their phone had been ringing off the hook. She said the kiddos were all fine. They had to be awoken and rushed outside away from the building. But they were fine.

We stuck it out the rest of the day, but were anxious to get home to make sure the home was okay. It was.

This week, we've felt two strong aftershocks. Both of which were extremely nerve wracking for me. I'm okay with a lot of things. It turns out, I'm not okay with earthquakes (my family on the west coast can stop laughing at me now).

Tonight, we're snuggled in praying for my family at the beach as hurricane Irene takes aim at them. Mema and grandaddy are staying with my parents this weekend. They have a generator and are stocked with everything they need. Please join me as we pray that the damage done in the path of Irene is simply material and that no one is injured.

Starting on Sunday, we're looking forward to normal weather for the rest of the fall.

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