Sunday, July 24, 2011

Carousel Ride

This weekend, Andrew took a guys camping trip to the weekend. So Henry and I hopped down to visit my parents.

It was a super quick trip and it was a million degrees outside. So we dropped by the mall for a ride on the carousel. Henry and Baba climbed up to the top deck and enjoyed the ride.

(This pick is a little of a fake. After the ride, Baba put Henry up on one of the big horses for a close-up pick.)

That's Henry's horse, way up there. The upper-deck horses were smaller. You can see from this pick why we needed to stage another one!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


For some reason, we didn't get electronic copies from my mom of our trip to the zoo. I'll hopefully get them soon. Or you'll just have to come visit us to see those!

Here are some photos from our trip to the Virginia Aquarium (formerly the Marine Science Museum). Henry LOVED it! Perhaps some of you remember our trip to the SC Aquarium when Henry was a year old. Then, he was more interested in the 4th graders there on a field trip than the fish. This time, he really loved looking at the animals. It was so much fun.

Vacation: The Beach

Here are some way overdue photos from our recent vacation to Virginia Beach. Henry has been there many times since his arrival in 2009; but this was the first time we actually took him to the oceanfront.

Like his mother, he didn't take to the beach at his first meeting. But he'll get there.

Daddy & Henry just before crossing the dunes.

Henry's toes in the sand!

Momma and Henry.
This was as close to the water as Henry would let us take him.

And if anyone is worried about crowded beaches in Va. Beach in the summers, take a look--go early, hit 77th street and you'll have PLENTY of room!