Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catching up

Back to the strawberry picking for just a moment.

And here's a sweet leftover picture from Mom and Becca's visit. Cousin Sara came over from Richmond and everybody came to watch my softball game. We totally won.
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Henry has been into some new, exciting stuff. It can be a challenge keeping him entertained, especially when the summer weather makes being outside not-so-much fun.

After one sort of nasty spill and a few other close calls, we thought that Henry should probably start wearing some protective gear. Of course, since he's had the helmet, he's more interested in taking in the scenery than in being Speed Racer.

Audrey got to take Henry to Richmond to see some of the her extended family, including Dodie and Amy and their little ones.

Oh, yeah. And this. The video completely fails to capture the magic of the UVa baseball game on 6/13, but at least we can someday show Henry that We. Were. There. :) Wahoowah!

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