Friday, June 24, 2011

18 month well visit

Today was Henry's 18 month well visit.

Before we get into the details of the visit, let me say that I am very happy to report that it has been weeks and weeks since we'd been to the doctor's office. It was nice to be there and hear from the ladies who work there, "My goodness he's getting so big! Its been a while since we've seen you guys!"

Dr. Q gave us an enthusiastic thumbs up today. Henry is doing great. He's had a bit of a growth spurt and his height is inching back toward the 75%. His weight is still in the 50%. Those two statistics seem remarkable to me. I mean, have you seen this little guy's tummy?! His noggin is still on the large side. That's good, means his helmet will fit well.

There aren't any major milestones. But here's a rundown of some highlights:

1. Henry can now be introduced to peanuts (PB&J, here we come!). He is now free to eat anything we eat. Yummy.
2. It's time to take his first potty out of its box and put it in the bathroom. Nothing really more than that--no pressure, no potty time. Just have it around.
3. His language is the next to take off. Ms. Anna, his head teacher called him a parrot today. He repeats everything. Some new favorite words: outside, up, truck, bus, all done, bike, and he keeps counting with his "nines."

We are so thankful for a healthy and thriving boy. We try not to take a day of his health for granted. What a blessing he is!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day!!

There's some old saying about the exchange rate between pictures and words. I believe it's around 1:992, give or take. Anyway, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking here. I'm typically pretty lousy when it comes to giving gifts, but this Father's Day some things fell into place that I thought made up the perfect two-day tribute to my Dad.

Saturday morning, I got on the road early to beat all the other folks heading toward Sperryville, VA, where Dad used to take me when I was a kid..

Some shots from the hike

Sunday was another early start, as I joined nearly 500 other runners in racing the Charlottesville Men's 4-Miler, an event put on by UVa's Urology Department to raise awareness/$$ for Prostate Cancer research and other men's health issues. There were a lot of father-son tandems out there, including one that featured a kid no more than 7 years old who finished ahead of me. So that was humbling. :) My Dad wasn't there, but he was rooting and pushing me on all the same.

Here I am before the race. After the race I was in no shape to be photographed, although I did finish in under 32 minutes. [patting self on back]

So this is my Thank You and my I Love You to you, Dad. Thank you for teaching me to love a nice walk in the woods, how to take a deep breath and a good look around, how to share, but also how to appreciate the alone/quiet moments, how to take good care of my body (although it took me a little while to learn that lesson), how to be brave, and how to be a great father. That last one, I'm learning, is a bit of a conundrum. On one hand it seems to come naturally, instinctively. On the other hand it's the most challenging thing in the world and can't be taken for granted. So many don't have what I have. I'm one of the lucky ones, and I hope and pray that Henry can someday say the same.

Thank you, Dad, for putting me on the path.

I love you. Happy Father's Day.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catching up

Back to the strawberry picking for just a moment.

And here's a sweet leftover picture from Mom and Becca's visit. Cousin Sara came over from Richmond and everybody came to watch my softball game. We totally won.
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Henry has been into some new, exciting stuff. It can be a challenge keeping him entertained, especially when the summer weather makes being outside not-so-much fun.

After one sort of nasty spill and a few other close calls, we thought that Henry should probably start wearing some protective gear. Of course, since he's had the helmet, he's more interested in taking in the scenery than in being Speed Racer.

Audrey got to take Henry to Richmond to see some of the her extended family, including Dodie and Amy and their little ones.

Oh, yeah. And this. The video completely fails to capture the magic of the UVa baseball game on 6/13, but at least we can someday show Henry that We. Were. There. :) Wahoowah!