Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Henry's latest word

Henry's go-to word is "outside" for sure. It sounds more like "ah sa," but he definitely lets you know what it is he means. How? you ask. By standing at the door and turning the doorknob (yes, he's now that tall!) or pulling all of the shoes out of the shoe cubbies and bringing them to me and Andrew...back and forth, one shoe for each of us at a time. It's hysterical.

In Henry's Easter basket, he got two very fun gifts. 1) sidewalk chalk and 2) bubbles. "Sidewalk chalk" is apparently a little difficult for him to say. But not BUBBLES! Now that he has figured out how easy it is to say that word, he says it ALL THE TIME!

(This was taken with my not the clearest. But I could help but post it!)


  1. Way to be talkin', Henry!

    Sidewalk chalk and bubbles are two of the can't-miss funnest things ever (the other being balloons.)

  2. Oh, Henry, grandson! A-walkin' an' a-talkin'! You seem like twice the Little Man we saw and heard at Christmas -- just four months ago. What a big boy! We're SO proud of you.

    Aunt Becca's wiener dog, Joey, who certainly liked you at Christmas, wants to know if you can say "dog" or "doggie" yet.


    Grampa Breen in Texas