Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Henry's first tricycle ride

Finally! Here is a quick video of Henry's first tricycle ride. He is getting more and more confident riding it. And no, he can't quite reach the pedals yet. But thankfully, our cul de sac is on a slope. So he can glide down one side (and then requires a little pushing up the other side). He loves it!

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  1. Oh, Henry, what memories you've just brought back to me! I remember MY grampa welding a "u"-shaped thing under my tricycle seat. Then he attached a hook on a long broomstick.

    When he and I went triking -- me riding as he walked -- he was able to help push me uphill or keep me from going downhill and out of control.

    I learned later that he called it the "Push You/Pull You." ;-)

    Thanks for the memories, grandson! Put the pedal to the metal, but take care!


    Grampa Breen in Texas