Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family Photos

Well, we can't afford to buy all of the photos taken by fabulous photographer Aaron Watson a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, he put a post on his blog with a few of them that I can share!

We're schedule for another session in the fall (thanks to the Hooks Daily Deals--much like Groupon)! Aaron was awesomely patient with Henry. We're very much looking forward to seeing how he does against the backdrop of the fall trees outside in October.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aunt Becca's Shoes

I just love this.

Henry in his Aunt Becca's shoes.

Really. Does it get any better?

Pickin' Strawberries

This weekend, we were thrilled to have Gram and Aunt Becca visit. Henry loved having them here. We did all sorts of things while they were here, including, of course, taking lap after lap after lap around the cul de sac.

On Monday, we drove out to Crozet to do a little strawberry picking at a local farm and some pizza at a very famous pizza joint.

It would be an understatement to say that Henry enjoyed the strawberries. I give you photo evidence of his enthusiasm for them.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Henry is learning to count

Henry is learning to count. Every number is "nine" to Henry. But he definitely gets the rhythm of counting. We were counting the bugs in his dinosaur book.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Henry's first tricycle ride

Finally! Here is a quick video of Henry's first tricycle ride. He is getting more and more confident riding it. And no, he can't quite reach the pedals yet. But thankfully, our cul de sac is on a slope. So he can glide down one side (and then requires a little pushing up the other side). He loves it!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


How do you thank a mom? I think trying to count the raindrops is an easier task. Since becoming a mother, I've known the depths of love, patience, fear and sheer panic that a mother's heart can know.

I've also grown to appreciate my mom and the amazing mothers around me in ways I never knew possible. It is true. As a teenager, you know everything and from then on, you realize you know less and less.

Not only did God bless me with the most amazing mother a person could have, he kept on and kept on blessing me. Grandmothers who are more wonderful than I could say. A mother in law who's love for me is so generous and unwavering. And then all of those other "moms," the ones who didn't birth me but have given me so much love, direction and faithful pushes. Sarah Herring and Barb Oblinger are two of those precious "moms" to me.

I look around now and see all of those same "moms" coming along side me as I raise Henry. Chrissy, Kristen, Michelle, Krista, Cat, Brooke, Tobi, the Hullubamoms, the entire All Souls crew of amazing women, and countless others. Each of them teach me something or love Henry in a unique way that will keep him growing in the right direction--toward wholeness, toward Jesus.

This was my post on Facebook this morning: "Since having Henry, I have learned how important "moms" are--me and all of the other amazing women who care for and love into Henry. Thank you to all of you who are helping me be the best mom I can be. You may not technically be a momma, or you may be someone else's momma, too. But you're my little momma-support army. Today I celebrate you. I couldn't do it without."

Andrew surprised me with a mother's day brunch downtown. Here is what might be one of my favorite pics ever taken of Henry and me.

Here's one of my all-time favorite pictures of me and my mom. It was at the bridal luncheon the day before I married Andrew.

Here's Judy--my precious mother in law. Henry adores her (and so do I!).

And my precious grandmother--Mema Dodson.

Because she passed away before photos were electronic, I don't have an easily assessable picture of my other Mema. Just know that she was the best kind of grandmother in every way. I miss her so much.

Thank you, mom. I love you more than I could ever say. And thank you, to all of my other moms. I have needed every one of you.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Henry's latest word

Henry's go-to word is "outside" for sure. It sounds more like "ah sa," but he definitely lets you know what it is he means. How? you ask. By standing at the door and turning the doorknob (yes, he's now that tall!) or pulling all of the shoes out of the shoe cubbies and bringing them to me and Andrew...back and forth, one shoe for each of us at a time. It's hysterical.

In Henry's Easter basket, he got two very fun gifts. 1) sidewalk chalk and 2) bubbles. "Sidewalk chalk" is apparently a little difficult for him to say. But not BUBBLES! Now that he has figured out how easy it is to say that word, he says it ALL THE TIME!

(This was taken with my not the clearest. But I could help but post it!)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

a haircut and some biscuit-makin'

Henry got a haircut this morning, then Aud enlisted his help to make biscuits.