Sunday, April 17, 2011

Morning Kisses for Gram, Grampa, Becca & Andre

This morning, while we were all getting ready, Henry was sitting up in his big rocking chair looking through piles of books.

I was sitting next to him, looking out the window, when I heard a "ssssssmack" (the sound he makes when blowing kisses). I looked over and he was flippining through his little photo album with pictures of Gram, Grampa, Aunt Becca and Uncle Andre and there he was, blowing kisses to them over and over.

It was so precious.

I asked Andrew if he'd done that with Henry while looking through that album. I wondered where he got that from because I had not ever done that. Andrew said he hadn't done that either.

So there you go, totally unsolicited, spontaneous kisses from Henry! He misses you and loves you very much.

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  1. Grandson, that was very sweet of you. We collectively thought we felt something on our cheeks during BeccAndre & wiener dog Joey's Sunday visit to our house. Even Joey mentioned it! And Joey is Queen of the Face Kissers!

    Our dinner, in honor of Gram's recent birthday, was so sinful that it ought to have its own commandment: Humongous burgers from Whole Foods with "pockets" of bleu cheese INSIDE the burgers! Mmm. Yummy in the tummy!

    Now, please take us walking with you so we can quickly shed these calories. ;-)

    Love and thank you for all those kisses!

    Gram & Grampa Breen, Aunt Becca, Uncle Andre, and Joey-the-hot-dog