Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Easter Photos

well you know my name is Henry, and I like to do draw-rings. Thanks for helping, Mema!

Time to pick out a book from my book (hat) box.
I chose my dinosaur book.

Baba helped put a storm door on, so now I can gaze longingly toward the outside. By "helped" I mean "did all of it."

I was the foreman of the crew.
My Easter outfit was wicked sharp.
At Lee Park, downtown Charlottesville, getting ready to find some eggs.
Wait, these aren't eggs!
I was told there would be eggs.
A bunch of my friends from church and their mommies.
I wanted to just pick 'em up and then throw them around, but Mommy showed me how to put them in my basket.
This is fun!
Break time.
The eggs have treats inside? This keeps getting better.
Happy Easter with the fambly!

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