Thursday, April 7, 2011

Like Dickens Said:

"Awesome times. Crappy times." Or something like that. I'm paraphrasing.

My birthday coincided with the 140th Glee Club reunion weekend. Audrey and Henry treated me to birthday dinner on Friday, then I hung out all day Saturday with some old Glee Club buddies. Sunday, I met Aud and Hen in Richmond to celebrate Addie's 5th birthday. It was a great weekend. Henry was cruising along at day care; we even uttered out loud, thereby totally jinxing it, that he'd had almost 3 full weeks without the sickies. On Thursday, I got the call from day care that Henry had a cough and a fever and needed to come home. Bad timing, considering that Audrey was out of town and we also had our spring party to prepare for, but "oh well," we thought, "just another cold." Ha. Audrey came home on an earlier flight. Mother's intuition is no joke, folks.

Henry was sluggish, but his fever was kept mostly under control with the usual regimen of motrin and tylenol. I wasn't feeling too hot myself, but was determined to run the 10-mile race I'd been training so hard for. Did good, too. Finished in 1:23:24. [patting self on back] Felt like crap all day Saturday, though.

That afternoon, many of our dearest friends came over and chowed down on Audrey's amazing pork BBQ. The weather wasn't quite springy, but not so yucky that we were stuck inside.

Here are Netia and Jason Elamm showing off one of Henry's future lady-friends, Morgan.

We finally got to meet little Kai!

Bryan entertaining the kiddos.

Outside time.

Here's an awesome picture of Henry, taken by Nicole, which is now our laptop wallpaper and should probably be yours, too.

Little did we know that Henry's latest cold was taking a turn.

Sunday evening his fever spiked back up to 104+. Monday morning we took him in to see our fabulous pediatrician. She started listening, more intently than usual, it seemed, to his breathing and almost immediately suspected pneumonia. She sent us across the way for a chest x-ray. Henry had had one of these before. I wasn't there the first time, but Audrey tells me that Henry was VERY unhappy about being restrained for the x-ray, kicking, screaming, and wailing like never before or since. This time he was totally apathetic. That's when we knew that the kid was Sick. Pneumonia confirmed.

I have to say that Linda, who arrived on Sunday night prepared to spend the whole week with us (grandmother's intuition is real too!) was such a great help. Audrey and I both tried to balance our work obligations with an intense desire to just be at home with our sick little monkey, and Linda made that possible.

I feel like maybe I'm being a little too dramatic about this episode. We have friends who deal everyday with the reality of having a chronically sick child, and every parent probably goes through a scare like this, but man, this was a little rough on the Breens. It was just hard to see him so lethargic and unlike himself. Anyway, Amoxycillin and some weird breathing apparatus treatments helped him bounce back pretty quickly. His bad cough lingered for another week or so, but little by little his appetite returned and our little man got his mojo back.

Oh, and I started a new job, and we celebrated our 3rd anniversary this week! See? Awesome times, crappy times; just like the man said. Mostly awesome times.


  1. Whoa! Everybody deserves a reward here: Henry, Andrew, Audrey, Linda, pediatrician. Whew! Scary, yucky, lucky, and finally, ducky.

    But the Texas relatives are gonna give the reward to Henry, as the rest of the players were supporting cast, even the also sick supporting-cast member. Since Gram can't come up with the "right flight," we'll U.S. Mail it.

    What a gripping blog post! Great pictures! we hope and pray that all is well for a looong while.

  2. I'm so glad to hear Henry is feeling better! We've been praying for him in our nighttime prayers. Oh, and Happy Anniversary!! I can't believe it's been 3 years since we all met together for a beautiful, wonderful, special wedding weekend!