Tuesday, March 22, 2011

15 Months

On Friday, we went to the doctor's office. This winter that's been almost a weekly occurrence. This time, however, it was for a WELL visit! Woohoo!

Our little man is growing and growing. He has leveled off a bit on his height, just under the 50% percentile. He's a solid 25 pounds, about the 65% and his sweet head is way up in the 90% percentile. Thank goodness for the shirts with snaps around the collar!

He did his best to show off for our pediatrician. He said all of his words:

Last night he added one more to the vocab: Boat.

He's also got a few signs down:
All done (at meal time when he's all finished, he stacks his utensils onto his plate, puts his sippy cup on top and hands the whole thing to me. too funny!)

Oh and he knows where his tummy is and he knows--generally--where his nose is. He gets kind of close on that one.

He's definitely learning what he likes and what he doesn't like. As seen below, he LOVES riding his lion and his little cars at school. With the weather being so nice, Andrew and I have twice picked him up while they were playing outside. Let's just say that pealing him off of his little car in order to go home didn't go so well. He was very clear about what he'd rather be doing! As a sweet mother reminded me while I was carrying him down the hall in a fit of tears and screams, "At least you know they like it here if they're crying like that when you pick them up." So true.

One of his other favorite things is finding pictures of dogs. He loves dogs. When we're reading books and he spies one on the page, he points to it and laughs. Thanks to our dear friend, Meg, there is a painting of a dog just over his changing table. He LOVES looking at that each time he's up there.

It's amazing how much he's learning these days. He knows so much of what Andrew and I say. Here are some phrases we say and he knows exactly what to do:
Use your spoon.
Go get the ball.
Let's go upstairs.
Want to go outside?
Let's brush your teeth.
Go get your shoes.

Every day is a wonder. And just when we think he can't get any cuter or we can't love him any more, our hearts grown.

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  1. Well, Young Man, bigger 'n' smarter! And when you leave your care-center/school each day, why, your lion is waiting for you at home. Yeah! He, too, is cryin' -- waiting for you! Imagine that. A cryin' lion! ;-)

    Oh, keep in mind: At the end of my junior year of high school, I weighed 140 and was 5'10"; then, PHLOOff! Whoa! I was 6'3" as a high school graduate; and finally 6'5" and 210 after a year of college and two years in the Navy! Your basic late-bloomer, ya know?!

    God is a great designer/builder. He'll build you just the way you should be!

    We love your progress reports, Henry. Keep up the good work!


    Grampa Breen in Texas