Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One More Christmas

Mom, Dad, Greg, Krista, Kesiah, Addie, Gwen and Charlie all came up to C'ville for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. We had a blast!

Addie getting excited about her new art kit.

Gwenny and Henry.

Henry getting help from his cousins on some gift unwrapping.

The girls were such big helps in handing out gifts right and left.

Krista & Charlie.

Mema & Baba and the grandkiddos. Unfortunately, there just wasn't one with everyone looking forward. (Sorry Dad. I chose the one with the babies looking at the camera!)
The whole Dodson clan.

Sweet baby Gwen, striking a 'I'm so cute' pose.

Celebrating the arrival of 2011.

Henry LOVES his new rocking horse.

We were doing some old-school pot holder weaving. We got a little giddy in the process.

Kesiah Rose with her new DS something. She is a wiz! It was hard keeping up with her. But it actually was really fun.

Smiley Charlie. Love that baby boy.

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  1. Well, Henry, grandson, three Christmases and a birthday! Whoa! Not too shabby! You certainly do get around, not only in a house, but in our country, too. We were so glad to have your family with us This past Christmas!

    Gram looks at her unending stream of your family's pictures that your mom was so kind to set up. She's getting comfy with her Christmas laptop. We LOVE seeing you "in action" in your wonderful care center, too. That's a neat deal! You have nice friends there. You're a lucky boy -- handsome and smart, too!


    Grampa & Gram in Texas ;-)