Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Painting and painting some more!

With our 3-day weekend, Andrew and I painted our main floor with a beautiful green color. It is tough to really get the effect in photos. But I wanted to post some.

The first pic is of the magnificent gift Andrew's parents got us for Christmas this year. They had an artist in Austin take a photo of Henry (the one on our Christmas cards!) and paint a portrait from it. It is breathtakingly beautiful! And it looks magnificent against the green walls. We love looking at it every time we're in the kitchen.

It was a bit of a tough job, squeezing in coats during nap times and right after bedtime. But we pulled it off. And it looks so great, I'm ready to tackle the next room.


  1. I love the walls! Are you guys hiring out for paint jobs in SC?

  2. Gorgeous! We'll have you do our new house once we move in. :)

  3. what a beautiful shade of green!