Friday, January 28, 2011


We had a FANTASTIC time in Charleston. (However, we didn't take any pics. So you'll just have to believe me!)

Since I've logged many, many days in Charleston, it is one of the most comfortable places for me to be. Andrew was in conference sessions all day Monday and Tuesday. So it was just Henry and me taking on the town.

We stayed at the fantastic Francis Marion Hotel right downtown. Way back when, I used to work at its sister hotel, the Poinsett, in Greenville. And--of course--I dropped that little bit of info when making our reservation, which resulted in an upgrade. We had a fantastic view of the city and the water.

Visiting Charleston in January gets you very easy access to some of the city's most popular restaurants--thought we did have to stick to the kid-friendly ones. On Sunday night, we waltzed into Jestine's and sat right down. We also enjoyed some fabulous seafood at Hymans (I had oysters that are shucked in-house).

Charlestonians, as it turns out, think Henry is pretty great. We were stopped more times than we could count by people who were adoring Henry. It happened everywhere we went. (I loved that southern friendliness. Doesn't quite happen like that in Charlottesville.)

During the days, Henry and I spent wondering around the city, doing some shopping and eating. We took an excursion to the aquarium on Tuesday morning, where Henry was more interested in the 4th graders there on a field trip than any of the fish!

I'm sorry we don't have any pictures. I had my hands full with Henry and our evenings were pretty quick--trying to grab some supper and get Henry in bed on time.

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