Friday, December 31, 2010

A Texas Christmas

We had a fantastic time in Texas. Gram and Grampa went WAY out of their way to prepare for our trip. Toys, a high chair, stroller, pac-n-play and even outlet covers were all in place when we arrived. Henry had a blast running around, playing in the kitchen with Gram and hanging out in Grampa's room with him. Aunt Becca got sick and we didn't get to see her and Uncle Andre as much as we'd hoped. But they'll just have to come visit soon!

Henry loved playing with his bowls and spoon while Gram was cooking in the kitchen.

Gram got a great big Christmas morning hug from Henry!

Henry and Gram in the kitchen...where they were together most often!

Henry on Grampa's favorite chair.

We visited Aunt Becca & Uncle Andre's new house in Austin. It is adorable! I loved trying to take this pic of the siblings and their babies--Becca w/ Joey and Andrew w/ Henry. If only Henry were looking at the camera. Oh well. (And sorry about the shadows. I am in no way a professional photographer.)

The extended Gossett family Christmas.

Son, grandson and momma.

Cousin Sarah, me, Henry and Aunt Jane. I was in trouble with Aunt Jane for slacking on the blog. :) Aunt Jane, I'll be getting back on the horse--promise! (Oh, and Henry has no clothes on because after running a fever for 3 days we thought he was over it on Monday...only to see it come screaming back in the afternoon. He was burning up; so we took off his clothes before the Tylenol had a chance to kick in.)

The Tylenol has kicked in:

Sweet Joey was so great with Henry. They had such a great time together.

I like to think that Henry is gazing up at Gram saying, "PLEASE promise you'll come visit me soon." We miss you guys so much. Please do come visit soon.

Thank you for the most perfect Christmas!

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  1. Oh, Henry! What a trouper! Fever & cough couldn't keep ya down. Thank you (and your parents) for being the best Christmas presents ever!

    All the toys are quiet now, but they had a good time with you! You brought new meaning to "Bowl Season" in our kitchen. You're both a chef and a drummer. And we had fun in my den. You loved my Big Chair, didn't you!

    Thank you for coming. We'll be seeing you in the months to come -- at YOUR house.

    And thank you, Dodson clan, for sharing the Virginia Breens down here in Texas this Christmas. We owe you one! ;-)

    All our love,

    Grampa (and Gram) in Texas