Thursday, December 30, 2010

Henry's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Henry!!

Here are some photos of our two fabulous parties for the little guy. I had to begin, though, with the photo of his birthday sign in the snow. Our little snow baby keeps his title!

Henry's actual birthday fell on a Wednesday. So we moved our small group from Tuesday to Wednesday and had Gramma Barb and Grandpa Mike, Matt (we missed Pamela!) and our dear friends the Strickland V over for the party.

Tyler and Izzy were busy playing in the basement and we didn't get one shot of them. But here's Henry's best bud Brendan joining in the celebration.

Once again, Henry had a great time playing in his cake. But didn't do so much eating it.

The weekend prior to Henry's birthday, the Dodson clan gathered at Greg & Krista's for a family celebration:

Uncle-uncle Elly with his two boys: Henry & Charlie.

Mema & Baba and their 5 grandbabies. How did that happen so fast?!


  1. Well, grandson Henry, you've certainly proved the second part of "You can't eat your cake and have it, too." We hope you eventually put as much of that birthday cake inside your body as on your body, chair, floor, etc.! Happy Birthday, Big Boy, Little Man!! ;-)


    Grampa Breen

  2. is his birthday the 30th? that's clint's birthday too! happy birthday, henry! :)