Monday, November 22, 2010

Praying for Mema

Tomorrow, my grandmother (Mema) will be having cancer surgery. She is nearly 90 and she and my grandfather have been married nearly 69 years. We know she's going to do great. But we'd love it if you could pray with us, too, for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Because Henry and I have been under the weather a bit, we weren't able to love on Mema like we wanted to. We want her to be well for her surgery!

These next two photos are very momentous in the Dodson family history. That little bench was made by my uncle Lew (my dad's oldest brother) over 40 years ago. And since then, every one of my grandparents' grandchildren (6) and 9 of the 11 great-grandchildren have sat on and had their pictures made on this bench. Now, we have reached 10 of 11 great-grandchildren! We only need to get Charlie's sweet rear onto this bench (and then, Leigh's twins...who are arriving in February!)

This bench is so important to the family that even my GRANDFATHER climbed down to sit with Henry on this bench!
Baba & Henry with Mema and Grandaddy.

Grandaddy is a great swinger! And Henry loved swinging right along with him. And...yes, you guessed it...Henry loved his hat. He LOVES hats!

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