Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello Milestone: Walking!


  1. Wow! We knew first steps were at hand, Henry. Good job, buddy! You might be interested to know that the word "Walker" is intentionally I-capped here as it was a family name on the Breen side way back when. So you're, in a way, continuing the "leg"acy. Or something.

    We could place on your head an "American League Champions" baseball cap and call you, "Walker, Texas Ranger" (an old, re-running TV oater series).

    [Note to 939's Christmas tree: You're doomed.]

    Love and pride from Gram Judy and Grampa John

  2. No way! He's not old enough to walk yet! Ok, Anna walked about the same age, but if Henry's walking, that means my girls are growing up too fast too! Children, slow down so we can take it all in.

    Seriously, we're excited for you guys (and Henry) in this new milestone. Love you lots!