Wednesday, November 17, 2010

God's Goodness

I often find myself in very frustrating situations thinking, "God. Really? You couldn't just let the traffic be a little bit lighter right now?" Or, "God, you couldn't just...." Fill in the blank. I find it so easy to complain about a lack of intervention when I think it should happen.

But today, I noticed an extra dose of God's goodness giving me one heck of a break.

I've been battling a cold for a week. Henry is running a fever and was sent home from daycare yesterday. So we're hanging out at home today. Which I love! But it takes a toll on my back. Needless to say, neither of us are at the top of our game.

This morning, after giving Henry a bit of a bottle, we left the house to go to the doctor's office. We were gone about an hour and a half.

When I walked in the door after returning from the doctors, I saw that the rest of the milk had completely leaked out of the bottle. But, as you'll see from the picture below, it all pooled directly around the sink, not getting into anything on the counter or spilling a drop on the floor.

I mean, come on. Thank you, Jesus, for that one. I appreciate it.

1 comment:

  1. You bring new meaning to "the milk of human kindness." ;-)

    We all get tested now and then. Time is supposed to be a plot to keep everything from happening at once. Doesn't always work, does it.

    But it's nice to see that God has a great sense of humor. He may call the incident "The Milky Way."

    Hope you and Henry reclaim your A-games ASAP!

    We love you

    Grampa and Gram Breen