Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fun Videos

As Andrew mentioned during the last post, I was absolutely slammed with work and, well, posting blog entries just took a back seat.

Here are some cute videos to catch you up on Henry's rapid growth.

Climbing Stairs:

Forgive Andrew's filming skill here. He's both doing the camera and in charge of keeping Henry from slipping backwards. So it's a bit close. But you get the gist of Henry's skill.

Here is a glimpse into Henry's new obsession--walking while pushing things. Mostly, we convince him to push things with wheels. But he seems to like to try and prove to us that other things can be pushed, too. At first I was like, "But Henry, you can't push the stool, it doesn't have wheels." Now, I'm like, "Cool, Henry. Who knew the stool could be so much fun?"

Tigger on the prowl: Andrew already told you that for Halloween we hung out with some friends on the lawn before the craziness of trick-or-treating began. This was way more fun for Henry than collecting candy.

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