Saturday, October 30, 2010

Henry's first Halloween

or as they call it at the Daycare center, "Fall Festival." Miss Sylvia, the center's cook, is very sweet, and not shy about telling everyone who her favorite children are. Historically, we learned, Sylvia leads the parade with her favorite child(ren). We are proud, flattered, and totally unsurprised that Henry was chosen as Miss Sylvia's Unofficial Co-Grand Marshal of the Fall Festival Parade.

Many of the kids seemed to have no idea what was going on, but it was still quite cute. Audrey and I had a chuckle about the fact that we are now at this is the stage of life. First of many "parades," we imagine. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hi, there! We've been MIA for a while now. We're sorry about that. Audrey has been insanely busy with work, and I've been insanely lazy with....laze? Anywhay (emphasis on the 'h'), here's where we left off. The day after Henry's first football game, we went to Greg and Krista's place for Henry's first CrabFest. Henry didn't have any crab, but he DID have two giant, inflatable bowling pins. So, win-win. Pictured below, Henry acting awfully smug about just picking up half of the old 1-2 split.
Kesiah and Henry had a game going whereby she would show up with a pink cap on, Henry would take it off of her head, and she'd run into the house only to return a few moments later with another pink hat. This went on for quite some time. The girl apparently has some pink hats in her collection.

A couple of weeks later, another UVa home football game was on the schedule. This one made extra-special by the presence of Grandpa Breen! Here, Grandpa schools Henry on the finer points of pre-game tailgating.

Proof that an innate sense of when/how to be the subject of a cute, candid picture skips a generation:

Grandpa eats Henry's toes. It was fun watching these two together. When Grandpa arrived in town, we went straight to the day care center to visit Henry. After Hen's initial "who is this guy?!" reaction, he took to Grandpa right away. I'm not sure if Henry remembered who he was, or just decided to trust him. Either way, it was awesome to see. We had a great time.

Sadly, the day Grandpa left, Henry came down with some kind of nasty virus. For a few days, we thought/hoped that his fever was just due to teething and/or just a mild cold of some kind. The doctor checked him out on Thursday, including some unpleasant tests, and declared that it was a virus that would just have to run its course. Okay. Then, Friday afternoon, he started to throw up. Not a HUGE deal in retrospect, and I'm sure it's something every parent goes through, but having your child uncontrollably vomit while in your arms or your lap is a pretty harrowing experience. Back to the doctor. Confirmation that it was a virus and that upset stomach was one of the common symptoms. The doctor said it was typically a 5-day sort of thing, and sure enough by Monday morning he was his usual healthy, happy self. Not a good week, though.

After a successful and healthy week back at day-care, we decided to reward Henry by taking him to get his first haircut! A new place specializing in children's haircuts just opened up nearby, so we thought we'd give it a shot. Here's Aud and Hen waiting for his name to be called. He likes to chew on water bottles when he's nervous. Also when he's not nervous.

And here we go! So far so good, despite the look of consternation on Henry's face. Crystal, the "stylist," was great. We were like "we want the Little Boy #1 style" and she was like "ok."

Just a little bit of unhappiness..

But overall a rousing success!

Shh...don't tell the good people at Snip-It's, but Momma had to do a little bit of extra trimming when we got home. I think he looks very handsome.
That's all folks! We'll try to get back in the swing of the things as far as the blogging is concerned.