Thursday, September 2, 2010

The healing power of laughter

I can't begin to tell you how much we needed this tonight:

I can't imagine many things sweeter than an 8-month-old belly laugh. And for us, this came at the perfect time.

It has been a tough week. Henry started a new daycare at which he must now go 5 days a week. I returned to work all 5 days of the week.

In addition, Henry is at that moment, developmentally, when he really, really knows who mommy and daddy are. And he clearly prefers them over everyone else--sometimes one over the other.

Monday went amazingly well. Henry was very curious about his new classroom and his new friends. He didn't fuss at all during the drop off or pick up. But his classmates did. This entire class is new. Monday was everyone's first day. Even though he didn't fuss, it was clear that he was a a bit shocked by the amount of stimulus that surrounded him that day--new little people, new grown-ups, and a LOT of crying.

As the week has gone on, Henry has exhibited the typical signs that he is not such a big fan of having his whole world overhauled. He hasn't slept well at night. It seems he has learned a few tips from his classmates on how to get worked up and crying at the drop of a hat. Often, Andrew and I have been completely puzzled as to what has set him off.

All in all, we've had to remember that he is simply responding to a major transition.

And it has been hard on me.

Today marked the first day that I have been away from him for 4 consecutive days since he was born. I am SO thankful for that; and as a working mom, I don't take for granted being given the opportunity to work from home. But it has definitely made this week so tough. It is something that all moms know, but is so hard to describe. My heart just calls for him and longs for him so strongly during the day. And my arms feel empty without him in them.

So it is on this backdrop that tonight's belly laughs hang. And they are so, so sweet.

He will forgive us for this change. We will eventually believe what we keep telling ourselves--that this is the best place for him. We will see him learn and grow and blossom in this place. He will eventually sleep soundly again at home and feel safe with his new friends. And we will eventually look back at this week with a hazy memory of it being a tad challenging.

But until then, we will savor these precious, precious moments of laughter.


  1. Here, a few text-driven tear drops, containing sympathy mixed with confidence, quickly led to a video so full of laughter and love that we two (too), like Andrew and Henry, were on the floor, in stitches ... while all-business techie camerawoman Audrey proved unable to stifle her amusement and delight. Bravo!

    Thank you Virginia Breens! :-))

  2. hang in there, mama! I hope it gets easier for everyone.

  3. I'm glad you can follow up that week with a long Labor Day weekend and then a short week after that. Hang in there.

    On a more macro level...great blog post. :) Feel like I'm there.

  4. Such a difficult transition... I hope things are going really well by now. I am behind on reading. Those transitions are tough on mommies and daddies. I know Henry will love his daycare and his friends...