Thursday, August 26, 2010

To Aunt Becca & Uncle Andre

I am so excited that you got married! I can't wait to see you so that I can give you both really slobbery kisses.

I love you both!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It seems that Henry's precious, gummy smile is no longer. This morning, a teeny tiny white tooth was spotted on his bottom gum. And it looks like the one next to it isn't too far behind. The changes in this first year really are amazing. I feel like I'm writing a 'milestone' blog entry every other day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Detroit/Chicago highlights

"Dad, could you please stop goofing off, and write-up a blog post about my first vacation?"

Scrolling back through our photos and videos from our recent trip, and it's hard to narrow things down to just a few. I'll see what I can do. Please forgive the non-chronologicalness of the display, and the lack of wedding photos. Our little portable camera does well with the video but most pictures turn out really grainy if the light isn't just right. So, no pictures of the wedding, I'm afraid. It was lovely, though, as was (some of) the ceremonial singing, ifwedon'tsaysoourselves.

Aud and Hen were kind enough to let me drag them to one of my old neighborhoods, particularly considering that Audrey had some crazy ear infection (the infection was crazy, not her ear), and Henry is a tiny person with an as-yet-undeveloped sense of nostalgia. They were Troopers. One of the features of the neighborhood is this quaint old park where baseball gets played.

Henry has recently re-discovered his toes. Now, instead of one or two toes at a time, he prefers the Whole Foot technique. This is a multi-state phenomenon: not really vacation-related. Just funny.

A view of the Chicago Skyline from the "Museum Campus" - where we spent part of our Monday, at the Field Museum. The second Monday of every month means free admission at the museum, which is a nice thing, but it also means that 5.7 million people go to the museum that day, which isn't such a nice thing. We did find a nice, relatively quiet exhibit away from most of the people. I think it had something to do with Africa. Troopers, we were.

You've seen video of Henry eating before, but you've never seen him eating NEXT TO THE TRAIN TRACKS. Besides, Henry eating is fun to watch. No video of Henry on the train, but believe me when I say he did incredibly well. We assumed there would be room to "spread out" on the 7-hour train ride, and there was, if by "spread out" you mean "pass Henry back and forth from my lap to Audrey's lap." Everyone had a lot of patience. Again, we trooped.

Here's a nice taste of what our boat tour looked like.

After a trolley ride to Navy Pier, a boat ride up and down the river, and another trolley ride back, Henry was understandably pooped. I'm still not sure how Audrey was standing at this point. Just in case I haven't mentioned it already, they were both Troopers.

Finally, in the airport waiting for our flight home. Henry had been given his first set of wings by a friendly United guy. He certainly earned them. His parents' reward was getting to come home and let Henry crawl around to his heart's content in our cool, comfortable basement. It was a fun trip, but coming home is always sweet. Also, being home allows me the time to wonder about the word "trooper" and think that it might actually be spelled "trouper" when used in this context, but it's late and I'm too tired to look it up. So long. Farewell. Auf wiedersehen. Peace.

A gift from Curtis

Our neighbor, Curtis, grows flowers. I'm sure many of your neighbors grows flowers. But I mean Curtis really grows flowers. In fact, our friend Tish carried his flowers in her wedding. He is retired and, as it turns out, has a passion for dahlias.

He was working in his mega-garden this evening while Andrew and I took Henry for a walk. We visited for a while, and then he asked me to pick any flower in his garden and he would cut it for me.

What a beautiful gift.

A little treat

Andrew is going to write a post about our trip to Detroit & Chicago. But I've received enough hints that I thought I'd put up a little something in the meantime.

This is one of my all-time favorite videos. One of the fun things about traveling is getting to pull Henry up into bed with us early in the mornings and watch him play in the sheets and crawl all over the bed. I actually miss those snuggles now that we're home.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Milestones Keep Coming

Andrew and I were hanging out in the living room tonight with Henry rolling around on the floor. Then all of the sudden, we looked up over the ottoman to a bit of a surprising sight. Henry usually pops up on his knees and gnaws on the ottoman. But this time, he was unusually tall. Yep, the little man had pulled himself up to standing...with a big ol' grin on his face. He was very proud of himself. And he managed to even plop back down onto his cushioned rear end when he was finished showing off.

And, just when we wondered if it was a fluke, he crawled on over to do it all again.

He is growing so fast!