Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Special Thank You

As you know, my mom did one of those amazing things for us that only moms do. She commuted for 7 consecutive weeks--up on Monday nights, home on Thursday nights--to keep Henry until our day care started for him when I went back to work. I had been thinking for weeks how to do something special for her that would try to express how grateful we were to her.

I had the idea of commissioning a painting from our friend Juli Kalbaugh. Not only is she an awesome artist, she is a fantastic listener and I knew that she would hear my heart and create something really wonderful for mom. So a couple of months ago, she and I sat over coffee to discuss the project. I shared with her how much I'd learned about my own mom after having become a mother, myself. I knew...I mean, I really knew what it meant to love your child and be willing to do anything for them.

My mom has a long history of doing extraordinarily unselfish things for me and Greg (my brother) and our families. But now, I really understood the motivation behind them--that unconditional, heaven-sent, maternal love. It is a wondrous thing.

So, I told Juli that my hope for the painting for mom was that it would express that wondrous, maternal love.

Mom came up last night and I was able to present her with the painting. Thankfully, she loved it. Not that I had any is absolutely perfect:

Thank you so much, Juli. What a gift you have been to me!


  1. oh my goodness! i LOVE IT!!! she is so talented! i love that image of the mother and child. so beautiful.
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for your words Audrey. I'm so glad to have spent this season here in Charlottesville and love that our paths have crossed.