Saturday, July 24, 2010

Greenville, thus far

Yesterday was one of those days that I wish I could re-live a hundred times. It was so amazing. Full of amazing friends, fond places, lots of memories and love!

We woke up yesterday morning and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with the Herrings. Henry managed to conk out before we could get any photos. But we're hoping to remedy that today.

Here is Henry enjoying his temporary digs:

After our breakfast, we headed out for one of the greatest little corners of the world, Furman. We met Chrissy, Jamie and the girls there. It was wonderful to be there and to connect, but this was a very special gathering. It was the big introduction of Brooke and Henry. Now, no pressure or anything...but I think Chrissy's older two figured out the importance of this moment and prior to it were encouraging Brooke to behave. HA! She did, of course, and I do believe Henry was a bit overwhelmed by her beauty and charm.

I mean come on...who doesn't see the magic in this moment...

Jamie was there, too. But somehow I missed him with the camera. Here is Anna Beth and Sarah. Love those girls!

First family photo at Furman.
Chrissy & Henry.

Henry, Chrissy, me and Brooke.

Our evening was spent at Cat & Erik's with the Fab Four. It was the first time me, Tobi, Brooke & Cat were all together since our wedding a couple of years ago. Walking in to Cat's house and seeing those beautiful faces of my friends sent tears streaming down a few faces. It was one of those really sweet moments in life.

And to celebrate, Tobi popped open a bottle of champagne that she had been saving for a special occassion. It was indeed special!

I love this photo of Tobi & Henry!

I also got to meet sweet Halle for the first time and, let me just say, I am in love. She is the most amazing baby girl. It was precious to get to hold her and sing to her. (I don't want to brag or anything...but I think she liked me!)

Here are Henry and Halle hanging out together. The two Hs!! What a moment!

I'm so thankful we caught them on video. I tried about 6 times to take a photo and both of these little ones are so darn wiggly that there was one limb or head or something that ended up blurry in the pic. Here is the least blurry--where Henry is trying to steal Halle's paci. You know what they say, they only pick you on you when they like you. Just remember that, Halle!

As we begin Greenville Day 2, I can only imagine what is in store today!

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  1. audrey, i really enjoyed looking at those pictures of you and chrissy (she hasn't changed a bit since furman!) and watching that video of you with the champagne. it was so great to hear your laugh!!! i'd forgotten how infectious it was. you have the best laugh!!
    ps- i love those new family pics on your blog sidebar - beautiful!