Sunday, July 25, 2010

Greenville Day 2

Our time in Greenville has come to an end. It was magical. I can't believe I've been gone from there for over THREE years! But you know how it is with real don't miss a beat.

We spent the morning of our second day downtown. It was HOT, but we just had to take Henry. We walked through the market (which is about 4 times bigger than when I lived there) and ended up making a stop to get some of the greatest grits of all time. If you think you don't like grits, you have never had these. Amazing!

From there, we wondered down Main Street to enjoy the park. They have a kid's fountain there where, on a day when the temperature topped out over 100, it turns into a kid's and adult's fountain. Poor Henry was so hot that we dipped his toes in and poured some on his head in a effort to cool him off long enough to get him to the car.

From there we quickly visited our friends, the Stricklers (not to be confused with the Stricklands). Rebecca was out of town; but we got to see Jeremy and their precious son Caedman. What a doll!

After a nap and some much-needed a/c, we got to hang out with our hosts, and dear friends, the Herrings.

Our trip ended with a visit with our friends the Zwolinskis, otherwise known as the couple trying for FOUR YEARS to adopt 3 siblings from Peru. Well, the adoption came through and we got to meet all 3 of the kiddos. They are doing awesome. It was wonderful to catch up with Tina and John.

We are happy to be home and get Henry back into his crib. But a big part of my heart will always be in South Carolina.

Thank you friends for a wonderful visit!!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys had such a great visit in Greenville (I'm so jealous, I try to get back there as often as I can!). Oh, and Brooke might have a little competition from our AM for Henry's affections!