Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Henry's 6 Month Appointment

Sweet Henry had his 6-month well visit at the doctor's yesterday. He is doing fantastic. He is now 27" long (75th percentile) and 18.2 pounds (50th percentile). So even in light of those tummy-tastic swimming photos, Henry is actually a long, lean machine. Who knew?!

Henry is doing all of the things he should be--sitting without any support, allowing us to hold his hands while he pulls himself up to standing, and really getting his groove on in eating rice cereal. He has turned into quite the cereal eater. So, now we're on to more exciting things like apples and sweet potatos. (Stay tuned! Oooooh, such exciting blog content!)

He had to have 1 oral vaccination and 3 shots. He fussed ever-so-briefly and recovered quickly, snuggling for extra comfort in daddy's arms. In fact, he was so snug in Andrew's arms, he wouldn't let Andrew put him in the stroller to check out. Who can blame him, right?

As an aside, I was getting a few things ready for Gwen's 2nd birthday party this weekend and it dawned on me that Gwen's 1st birthday party was one of the first posts I wrote on this blog. And sure enough, we have been doing this for over a year now! We missed our big anniversary that was on June 12. One full year of blogging under our belt. Thank you for keeping up with us!


  1. congrats on your healthy 6 month visit! :)

  2. Attn: Mr. Henry David Breen

    As the advertising director for the Michelin Tire Company, it is my responsibility to inform you that since your six-month check-up now indicates that you are becoming a "lean Breen machine," we have decided that we must look elsewhere for the replacement of our current logo. You should know that, for a while there, you were indeed our leading candidate.

    We wish you every success! Should your newly discovered tasty foods cause you to, er, inflate, give us a call and perhaps we can reconsider, renegotiate.


    Harvey Hotair
    Advertising Manager

    Your grandpa Breen is just teasin' ya, Henry. Way to go through that check-up with merely a quick whimper, Little Man! We're so proud of you and love you so much!