Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fun times at the Dodson's

Yesterday, we hopped on over to Richmond to hang out with Greg, Krista and the girls. Krista is doing great! She's actually feeling better than she had and we are all eagerly awaiting Baby Boy Dodson's arrival. We are down to the last few weeks.

Henry took his first swing on the swings and loved it. (Honestly, is there anything he isn't a fan of doing?!)

In between the swinging and the splashing (see below), H took a quick nap. He actually broke-in Baby Boy Dodson's new pac-n-play.

Greg filled up the baby pool and the babies had a blast! The big girls (the girls had some friends over, too) would jump in and then run around the yard. Gwenny and Henry pretty much stayed in the water just splashing around.

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