Sunday, April 25, 2010

Looking back fondly on a visit from the Texas Breens

It's been a rough week for us. Our church held a Memorial Service for Matt King on Thursday. There was a lot of crying and singing, and some laughter. It was a nice tribute to Matt, I thought. On Friday evening there was a vigil held at the intersection where the accident happened. It was too political for my tastes. You know, a lot of "Bikes good! Cars bad!!" kind of stuff, which in addition to WAY-oversimplifying the issue, should not have been the focus of the event. Anyway, tonight's regular Sunday service is sure to feel incomplete and sad, so in the meantime I'm going to focus on happier recent events:

A visit from my parents! My Dad summed up the weekend wonderfully in a comment below on an earlier post, but I'll just complement his effort with some pictures and stuff. Dad was a trooper (trouper?) for waiting so patiently to see his grandson. Once we finally got him up to VA, they immediately made up for lost time:

It was really special for me to see Dad and Henry play together, not only for sort of obvious 3-generations-of-Breen-men reasons, but also because I don't recall ever seeing my Dad around any baby before. Of course I knew he was capable (if I can handle a baby in my arms, anyone can!) but it was still a new and wonderful sight to see.

For Mom, it was the second time she got to love up on Baby H. for a few days. Love this picture.

I get sad when I think about how far away they are and how rarely Henry gets to see them, but with all them technologies we have at our fingertips these days, the distance is somehow shorter. We need to get on the Skype bandwagon. It was a precious few days with Gram and Grandpa. We love you!

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