Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a weekend!

Thanks to the AMAZING weather this weekend, we spent a lot of time outside. We started the weekend with a Friday evening stroll. We decided to give Henry a shot facing forward in the bjorn. He is getting really good at holding up his head and he LOVED getting to look around as we walked.

Here's a close up. Check out those cheeks!!

Some of you may know that the Rivanna trail runs right behind our house. We decided to take Henry on his first "hike." We didn't go far. But it sure was nice seeing the stream and the trees. Soon things will be in full bloom. I can't wait!

Saturday morning, Tish, Lisa, Polly, Henry, Nicole, Krista and I drove up to Gainesville, VA for Netia's baby shower. We had so much fun! The boys stayed in C'ville and played some basketball and cornhole. I took the camera, so we don't have any pics of the boys!

There were 8 pregnant ladies at the shower. Netia (at the front of the line) has the closest due date. Then, of our friends & family, comes Krista, Polly and Narra. Yay!! More friends for Henry!

Here are the Hullaba- (and AVP) wives at the shower.

Once we got home from the shower, we all took off to Wild Wing Cafe to celebrate Andrew's birthday! Here are Matt, Hawkins & Jeff acting silly, as usual.

Yay! The Fosters!

This picture isn't great. But I had to represent the Stricklands & the Renshaws.

After dinner, we hung out in the basement. Word got out that we'd lost the key to our cabinet. Renshaw and Jeff were immediately on it. They were determined to get it open. And for those keeping score: they did.

Not only is little H man doing so well holding his head up that he faced forward in the bjorn, he's also starting to sit in his little bumbo/exersaucer. He had a blast in there this weekend. (He had some encouragement from Kaitlyn, too!)

The weekend ended with a final rendition of "Happy Birthday" and Andrew making a wish on a few candles (not 36, of course). Thanks to Tish for baking the cupcakes!

The crew (without Matt--he was loading the car) before everyone went home.

Now that's what I call a weekend! And just think, our big party is scheduled for next weekend. Are we happy it's spring, or what?!

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