Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So far so good!

The morning came with only a few tears. Henry was his typical smiling, giggling self. Which was both comforting and a bit sad. He just makes me want to hang around him all day!

Mom had him squeeking with joy first thing this morning. What an amazing gift she is giving us! And I totally get it...in a way I didn't before. She would do anything for me, just as I would do anything for Henry. And I hear having grandchildren is pretty awesome, too.

Thank you, mom. I don't take for granted one second all that you are giving up by doing this: time with dad, with your friends, with your church. I know you'll miss some shopping dates with Rita and a knit-wit gathering or two. Kings Grant will miss you on Wednesday nights. And dad, well, I'm sorry you'll have to be finding your own way around the kitchen a bit more these days.

Thank you, mom and dad, for pouring so much love out on me, Henry and our family.

Sitting here at my desk, knowing that my little Henry is snuggled in my mom's arms gives me an overwhelming sense of peace.

And, if you'll let me be a little honest, it actually feels good to be back at work. I've missed the compelling conversations, the strategy sessions and the many smiles around this place. Not only am I blessed with the most amazing family, I am blessed with an incredible work family, too. More people than I can count have checked in on me already today.

Just as I've been told, it does seem to work out. And it will get better. Perhaps we'll have a glitch in the road when Henry has to go to daycare. But we'll worry about that later. Another lesson from Henry: just enjoy each day as it comes. They go by fast enough as it is.

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  1. Moms & Dads are amazing people. You are correct about how it all makes sense once you becoming a parent.