Sunday, February 14, 2010

Virginia Beach

We've enjoyed a wonderful visit to Virginia Beach to celebrate my birthday and Valentine's Day. Henry has been doted on and passed around all weekend. He met his cousins Stephanie and Samantha. At church this morning, Henry met all kinds of people. We were trying to get down the hall to find Mom and Miss Diann and almost didn't make it. One by one people stopped us to take a peek at the beautiful Henry. He did get to meet the Vaughans, the Fosters and the Glasses. Today, Greatest Aunt Sandy and Scott came over for lunch and some more birthday cake! Unfortunately, Mema (MY Mema) has been under the weather. So Henry didn't get to see his great-grandparents this weekend.

Henry is enjoying the crib, changing table and many of the toys that each of the girls have enjoyed. Henry is grandbaby #4 to sleep and nap in the crib. Most likely, he'll only enjoy it a couple more times because Baby Dodson #4 is on his or her way and will move into the crib in the summer. I can't WAIT to see how we're all going to fit in the house at the same time: 7 adults and 5 kids!!!

The snowbaby trend continues. When we woke up on Saturday morning--let me remind you, we are in VIRGINIA BEACH--it was snowing and continued to snow all day. We were looking forward to showing Henry what grass looks like. I guess we'll have to wait some more!

It has been a real thrill for me to have Henry with me in the house I grew up in. It is a little surreal to have my baby with me in "my room." How fun! I keep telling him about momma's room and Uncle Greg's room.
Our first overnight trip away with Henry has been wonderful. We'll need to work a little on becoming more efficient packers. Our trunk was completely full when we got here and my mom has almost everything we need--diapers, wipes, pjs, washcloths and towels. I'm not sure what we packed. But it was our first time and I was a bit nervous. Hopefully we'll get better before we fly to Texas. Otherwise, our luggage is going to cost more than our plane tickets!
Hope everyone is having a Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Wow, I struggle with the packing thing too! I've gotten faster at it, but I don't know that I'm more efficient at it (one bag for me, one bag for SB's clothes, one bag for AM's clothes, one bag for the wipes/diapers/burp cloths/bibs, another bag for the bottles/formula/baby food, another bag for a few toys, another bag for . . . etc. etc. etc. - Micah wonders why I can't just pack everything in bigger bags instead of 18 small bags so he doesn't have to make 8 trips out to the car). If you figure something out that's more efficient, please let me know!

  2. Nice piece o' work (the revision/revamp)! And we got a look at David and Linda's house. Cool!

    Henry's UVa ensemble rivals C'ville's corner store's already. "Best-Dressed Baby" award candidate. You GO, Henry David! ;-)