Thursday, February 4, 2010


This morning, the forecast for tomorrow's storm was 12-18". Now they are calling for 20-28". It is going to be a doozy! Thankfully, we've had enough time to prepare.

I took Henry with me to the grocery store all by myself for our first big shop. I strapped him into the bjorn and we trotted up and down the rows, slowly but surely. As you can imagine, Henry garnered quite a bit of attention. I got a sweet comment from a mom shopping with her teenage daughter; she was remembering when she had her daughter strapped to her marching through the grocery store. She was sweet to remind me to enjoy every minute when they're small.

Andrew reminded me that we might lose power, too. So, I've stocked up on candles and our dear friend Tish brought over two lanterns.

The BEST way we're preparing is that I've made a special order for Mema to come visit! FINALLY my mom is on her way. She was snowed out of coming early this week and was supposed to come back this weekend. Thankfully, she had a schedule change and was able to make the trip up just before the storm.
The table of candles and lanterns. And yes, that is the unity candle from our wedding. Hey--let's put it to good use! Ha.

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