Saturday, February 20, 2010

IT'S A BOY!!!!


I got THE call from Greg on Thursday morning, around 11:30am. (Can you believe I've had the self-control to wait until now to post this??? Of course, they needed time to share the news themselves!) Greg called when they were leaving the doctor's office. Since this was #4 and probably the last, Krista wanted to do things differently. They didn't find out the gender of Kesiah, Addie or Gwen during their pregnancies; they'd always waited until their miraculous arrivals.

And wouldn't you know, IT'S A BOY!!! After three precious girls, Greg and Krista will get their first baby boy and baby Henry will have a boy cousin and lifelong playmate who is only 7 months younger than him!

The most important part of this news, however, is that the "Dodson" name will live on. By the time Greg called me, he had already talked to our grandfather, the patriarch. After having 4 sons, who would have thought that my grandfather would have only this one last chance. Needless to say, he is over the moon that a boy Dodson is finally coming!

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  1. That is SO exciting! Yay for #4 being a boy and a lifelong playmate. And, those vaccines are terribly heartbreaking. I feel your pain big time. Be forewarned... they keep coming at every visit. xoxo, cat