Monday, February 1, 2010

Henry truly IS the snow baby

I really believe Henry is a true snow baby.

I was 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant when our first snow storm of the season hit. It was the most beautiful day. Our neighborhood looked like a little village all dusted in snow--a true winter wonderland!

Henry was 3.5 days old when the blizzard of 2009 hit: over 24 inches. Thankfully, we made it home from the hospital just in time to stay all cozy at home before the storm. We did have to leave the house before we wanted to in order to get Henry to his first pediatrician's appointment. But we made it.

This past weekend, was our third snowstorm of the winter. A full 8.5 inches fell again.

NOW the forecast is calling for another 2 inches on Tuesday night and another 7+ inches of snow on Saturday. Holy cow! And we've got another month and half to go of winter.

Henry is the snow baby. Seriously!

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